Our Stamps

A stamp is a receipt that shows that you have paid the post office a certain amount of money and in return, the post office owes you a service for the amount of money you have paid.A stamp is a collectible and stamp collecting is one of the most popular and enjoyable hobbies of the world. You can have fun by collecting and learning about some of the animals in Botswana and teach your friends about them.Also, a stamp is a paper ambassador and also provides a small window into a country’s history, geography and culture.

There are two types of stamps that are released by the Post Office;

  • Definitive stamps-these stamps are released every five years and normally have fourteen to fifteen denominations (different values) on them. A definitive stamp series covers all the postal needs of the country, from 10thebe up to twenty Pula stamps.
  • The other type of stamp is called a commemorative stamp issue is released four to five times a year and it normally consists of four stamps. The commemorative stamps are meant for use inside and outside of Botswana

What else does a stamp do?

A stamp also sends important messages for our citizens like AIDS prevention campaigns, immunization and other important public awareness campaigns.

Latest Stamps

Elephant Herd Seeking Water

Elephants Cooling in the Okavango Delta

Elephant Mother and Calf

Elephants Foraging