Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail is a service that is designed for organisations that need to mail large quantities of invoices, statements and time-sensitive notices. Hybrid Mail is directly lodged electronically from the customers ‘computer.

  • Customer/ organisation supplies Hybrid Mail Unit with their mailing list and data (communication requirements) through their preferred electronic means such as disk or direct link
  • Hybrid Mail Unit programs, designs and prepares layout
  • Data is printed, enveloped (pre folded inserts can be added at this point)
  • The mail is dispatched to sort centre for delivery to mail recipient

Hybrid Mail Services Benefits

  • Reduction in mailing costs – No more printing, folding, inserting or enveloping
  • Elimination of mail collection, sorting and lodgement costs
  • Shorter delivery time due to direct lodgement to BotswanaPost
  • Enable both printed and electronic distribution in one process