Business Reply

Do you need to:

  • Conduct market research?
  • Run a competition
  • Get information from your customers?
  • Compile a database?

Then we have the perfect, cost effective solution for you - our Business Reply Service.

  • This service is tailored for organizations and individuals that need to conduct research, compile and /or update customer databases, launch or re – launch products, solicit feedback from potential and /or existing customers and other uses.
  • To use this service you simply apply for a Business Reply Service number that will be allocated to you within one (1) working day. Thereafter, you can pre-print all you Business Reply Service cards or envelops with your postal address. The cards or envelopes can be included with your mail items such as statements and bills as often as you wish or mailed individually.
  • The customer simply fills in the requested information and mails the card or envelop back to you – at no cost to the customer. The cost to the company is for printing of the Business Reply Service cards and/ or envelopes plus postage, based on the number of cards or envelopes mailed back to the company. We offer discounts on large volumes of cards and / or envelopes sent back to your company.