BotswanaPost App

Your very OWN Post Office right in YOUR SMART PHONE! Yes, in your phone!!!!! BotswanaPost brings to you its very own mobile App that allows users to conviniently access post office services on their phone. Although the Mobile App curently enables users to purchase prepaid electricity only, the aim is to allow users to also transact third party payments, purchase airtime and further allow our valued customers access the range of products and services we offer.

As the business worlds strives for technological advancements BotswanaPost provides the perfect solution for Android and Apple IOS users to have access to the post office anywhere they are. In order to enjoy this service users ought to download the BotswanaPost mobile App on their Android or Apple IOS Smart phones and follow the instructions provided.

After downloading the app, the user then Registers and creates a profile of which they will use to make purchases. Registration requirements include a valid email address, Meter number and Cellphone number. Having registered, Users are then able to buy prepaid electricity.

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