At Botswana Post, we know and understand how important your parcel is. With “Track and Trace” Every parcel sent, is electronically tagged allowing it to be tracked and traced along its journey. We simply know which carrier is the best for each destination and you can have the best comfort and peace of mind of tracking and tracing your item. 

The tariff calculator determines the ideal tariff rates for virtually every item that exists.

Not sure how much your delivery costs? Compare postage costs or find out when your delivery should arrive. Use Our Postage Calculator to find the cost of posting your item with our Postage calculator.

Select any filter and click on Apply to see results

Select any filter and click on Apply to see results

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BotswanaPost Changes Tariffs

BotswanaPost has changed prices in Transunion services and Masa Premier Mail Boxes. The Masa Premier Mail Boxes price has been reduced from P1 500.00 to P560.00 per annum while TransUnion services have been increased from P30.00 to P45.00.

Our Stamps

A stamp is a receipt that shows that you have paid the post office a certain amount of money and in return, the post office owes you a service for...

BotswanaPost Foundation

The BotswanaPost Foundation was launched on the 8th November, 2011. The objectives of the Foundation are to engage with and uplift communities’ lives...