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Current Collection - Fact File

Botswana is a country unrivalled in its abundance of wildlife and natural resources, which are as diverse as the Kalahari Desert in the southern and eastern parts of the country, to the lush Okavango Delta swamps and river plains of the north.

It is a land locked country that straddles the Tropic of Capricorn and shares borders with Namibia to the west and north, Zambia and Zimbabwe to the north-east and South Africa to the east and south. Botswana is approximately the size of France and twice the size of Arizona. Most of the country is arid and desert like with large tracts of land set aside for maintenance and development of national parks and wild life sanctuaries by the Government of Botswana.

Botswana is the worlds leading gem diamond producer and relies heavily on mineral exports to provide one of the most stable economies in Africa. Eco-tourism is also an integral part of the economy with the country deeply committed to the conservation of wildlife heritage.

The country is a multi-party democracy and has a record of political stability and long history of dedication to private sector development, free enterprise and the encouragement of free enterprise. A comparatively low rate of taxation is coupled with a wide range of incentives to encourage the development of a sound industrial and commercial infrastructure.

Botswana is well placed to become a future financial services centre for the region. Serviced by rail and outstanding network of surfaced roads and international air links, the country offers a strategic location within the Southern African region.








Click on below link to watch the launch of 2010 FIFA World Cup Stamp.

Launch of Botswana 2010 FIFA World Cup stamp - Size 34.00MB


For thousands of years people have looked heaven-ward and questioned their place in the cosmos. The stars, the moon and sun, and the immense dome of the Kalahari were all celestial signs that united people with nature. It is not surprising that the Naro of D’kar call this greatest of nature’s phenomena, “Nqarri Kgei kwe”... the Face of God.

The starlore of Botswana includes stories about stars and constellations, planets, the sun and moon, as well as bodies with apparent motion such as meteors and comets. These accounts are typically expressive rather than physical in understanding, with most descriptions having a metaphorical or narrative idiom. Many have whimsical associations, some have deeper intrinsic meaning in explaining cosmological origins whilst others erve practical purposes such as markers for direction in space and time.

These myths and traditional world-views are common across the cultural spread of Botswana. As well as the Naro’s “Face of God”, in the far northwest Ju/’hoansi explain solar eclipses with the magic of the sneaky lion, and most Batswana will have heard of Ntshune, the “kiss me” star, Pisces, that warns lovers of the pproaching winter dawn and the danger of being discovered by parents!


Children of Botswana range features pictures depicting:Health, Education, Inoculation and Orphan Care.

Illustrated by: Karin Malan, Date of issue: 11 September 2009

Cranes and Flamingos range features pictures depicting: Blue crane, Wattled crane, Grey crowned crane and Lesser flamingo

Illustrated by: Mary Lane-Jones, Date of Issue: 5 June 2009


Beetles range features pictures depicting: Small Green Dung Beetle, Darkling Beetle, Lunate Ladybird, Garden Fruit Chafer


Butterflies of Botswana range of stamps features pieces depicting:

Illustrated by: Philip Huebosch, Date of Issue: 1st November 2007

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