September 27, 2016 | 08:15 AM

Physical Address:
Plot 53952 Khama
Postal Address:
P.O.Box 100 Gaborone,

T +267 368 1000
T +267 395 3131
F +267 391 3599
Toll Free 0800 33 55 77
E enquiries

Online Tracking


Just Sent or About To Receive An Item? Track IT! Applicable for Registered mail, small packets, Express Mail (EMS), and ParcelPost


For all your mailing INSIST on a 13 digit alphanumeric barcode and receipt as proof of posting. See sample below

RR020240040 BW Where

Product type: RR
Country of posting: BW


Keep the tracking number and postage receipt in a safe place.
To inquire about your item, have your tracking number handy and use one of the following channels:

Track online by entering your barcode / number on the box above.
Dial Toll free number 0800335577 from any BTC landline
Dial +267 391 1473 or +267 395 3131 x1143, 1148, 1154 (for the National Operation Control Center)
Send email to;
Visit your nearest Post Office


It is your responsibility as a sender to ensure that you use the correct address for the receiver and that your items are adequetly packaged.

Then What?

BotswanaPost will track and trace the item and provide youwith feedback immediately where possible, or communicate when such feedback will be given.

Incase where we do not give customers information immediately undertake to do so within 48 hours

For More information contact:
national Operations Control Centre
P O Box 100

The Above is applicable for all items lodged or posted at Post Offices nationwide.