How long do you keep Mail item at Post Office?
The item is kept for one month and after a month the item is returned to the sender.
How do I know that my item has arrived?
You can track with National Operations Control Centre; a first notification receipt is issued to your Post Box on arrival of the item if it’s a traceable item. A second notification is issued after seven days and a third notification is issued if the item is still not collected.
How will someone know if they have an item to pick up at the post office?
There is a mail item advice slip put in the mail box to alert the customer for registered mail and parcels. For ordinary mail items which cannot fit in the mail box, a call card is issued to notify the customer to collect the item through the counter. For those who have signed for short message service alerts they will be notified through sms.
Which mailing procedure can be used for items to be delivered at a preferred location, within the shortest time period possible?
We offer an Express Mail Service for quick delivery mail service and through our subsidiary Botswana Couriers.
What are the requirements of acquiring a mailbox?
A mail box is available for rental for a period of 12 months, and renewed thereafter before expiry of the rental period. A valid identification is required to process the application; an Omang Card for Citizens and a Passport for expatriates. 
What happens if an item gets lost/damaged?
When items are lost, the customer is compensated and liability is taken by the responsible Postal Administration.
What happens to unclaimed parcels?
Unclaimed mail items are returned to the Return Letter Office (RLO) and letters are kept for a month and then returned back to the sender if the address is provided and parcels are kept for a year and if they are still not claimed they are disposed off.
How long does mail stay at the post office before it’s referred to as unclaimed?
Unclaimed mail items are kept for a month at the post office and are returned to the sender if the address is provided. If no address is provided items are forwarded to the Returned Letter Office disposal. 
How long does it take for international and local mail to reach destination?
Local mail takes one (1) to three (3) working days depending on the distance of the destinationFor international it takes two (2) days to South AfricaSADC countries; three (3) daysEuropean countries five (5) days and the rest of the world six (6) days.
What services do you offer?
We offer ordinary mail posting, Bulk Mail, Permit Mail, parcels and registered Items, money transfer, sales of stamps, internet services, express mail service, stationary sales and third party services on behalf of businesses and Government.