Express Mail Services (EMS)

Reliable express delivery through the worldwide postal network

  • Our quickest service: EMS is the quickest way to send business and private items nationwide and worldwide.
  • Wide network: EMS service is available at over 50 post offices countrywide.
  • Competitive rates: compare EMS rates with those of other courier companies and see how much you can save!
  • Nationwide and worldwide delivery: EMS can be delivered door-to-door and to more than 157 countries worldwide.
  • Top priority handling throughout: EMS items are treated as top priority mail from point of dispatch to point of destination to ensure speedy delivery and security.
  • Track and trace service: Our Track and Trace facility enables EMS mail to be tracked using a unique tracing number.
  • Pick Up and Delivery: this service is normally available to customers by prior arrangement.



Frequently Asked Questions

Email or call to share your EMS parcel tracking number to enable us to trace your sent item.

Items classified as Dangerous Goods include:

  • Explosives (eg ammunition, fireworks, igniters, flares, toy caps).
  • Gases (eg aerosol cans, cigarette lighters, gas cylinders - full or empty, fire extinguishers).
  • Flammable liquids and flammable solids (eg paint, alcohol (see (1) below), perfume, matches, petrol, paraffin, turpentine, solvents, cleaning fluids, nitrate products).
  • Oxidising substances and organic peroxides (eg hair dye, disinfectants, fibreglass repair kits).
  • Toxic (poisonous) and infectious substances.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Corrosives (eg mercury - including thermometers, bleach, nail polish and remover, nitric acids, battery fluids).

Other goods that are highly magnetic, polymerizable or otherwise unsuitable for carriage (eg asbestos, dry ice, first aid kits, wet-cell batteries).Live animals, explosives, money (notes and coins) precious metals and stones, plants, hard drugs, offensive materials such as alcoholic products will not be sent using the EMS service as per Universal Postal Union regulations.

All items, irrespective of packaging, listed in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations are not to be sent through the BotswanaPost network.

The maximum weight that can be sent by EMS is 30kg. For cartons packaging the longest permissible dimension would be 1.5 metres, and for cylinders the sum of the length and circumference must be 3 metres and less.