BotswanaPost Foundation

The BotswanaPost Foundation was launched on the 8th November 2011. The objectives of the Foundation are to engage with and uplift communities’ lives where it does business, to respond to environmental impact of our business on society and to enhance BotswanaPost image and reputation.

The focus areas of the Foundation programs are aligned to the Pillars of Botswana Vision 2016, the National Development Plan 10 and the Millennium Development Goals. The programs will also be guided by the organization’s corporate strategy.

The types of projects/activities to be funded will be focused on these areas:

  • Education primary, secondary and tertiary
  • Youth development and empowerment programs
  • Development of the arts and culture
  • Development of the ICT
  • Community development and welfare programs
  • Employee volunteerism
  • Environmental issues (project scoping, promote EIA’s, and counter pollution/waste of environment in project implementation)

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